Established in 2018, SALT Gallery aims to unite emerging and established artists with customers by creating an inviting, unintimidating, and thoughtfully curated gallery experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to purchase art that speaks to them and enhances their surroundings, whether they are new to buying art or an experienced collector. Located in the eclectic Los Angeles Fashion District, our gallery program focuses on contemporary, surrealist works spanning a variety of mediums and subjects.


Our Team



Max is a tinkerer, designer, and maker. From filling sketchbooks as a child with drawings and plans for fantastical vehicles and buildings to crafting luxury accessories out of leather and metal, he has always had an appreciation for art and design. A mechanical engineer by training and an entrepreneur at heart, Max is the founder of SALT Limited, a luxury lifestyle brand encompassing cannabis accessories and furniture, as well as Roman Dog, a high-end leather dog accessory brand.

Instagram: @MxWndrlch