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Max is a tinkerer, designer, and maker. From filling sketchbooks as a child with drawings and plans for fantastical vehicles and buildings to crafting luxury accessories out of leather and metal, he has always had an appreciation for art and design. A mechanical engineer by training and an entrepreneur at heart, Max is the founder of SALT Limited, a luxury lifestyle brand encompassing smoking accessories and furniture, as well as Roman Dog, a high-end leather dog accessory brand.

Instagram: @MxWndrlch


Vik began his career in global operations in the pharmaceutical and finance industries, later pivoting to fine art and interior design after completing his MBA at IFA Paris and post-graduate coursework at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. In addition to serving as curator of SALT Gallery, Vik is the founder of Ink & Opium, an interior design and fine art consulting firm. He brings a wealth of knowledge in gallery program management and design as well as a unique perspective gained from living around the world in cities including Madrid, Mexico City, Paris, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires. He is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Instagram: @VikMilan